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The aim of the course is to give the student an understanding of the science of Personality Iridology to be able to do an evaluation of the Iris, learn about different personality types, how it affects our lives, health, emotions and relationships. The course is practical, and students will be equipped to make a proper diagnosis, as well as learn how to do lifestyle changes to restore health.

The student will be empowered and advised regarding easy to operate equipment and a camera, which could also be bought from the lecturer.

Iridology should not be complicated! We teach practical, hands-on techniques, without the difficult terminology!


  • History of Iridology
  • Areas and zones in the iris
  • Markings in the eye: Genetic weaknesses, scar tissue, acidity, serotonin levels, candida and more signs
  • Lifestyle changes to correct issues
  • Personality types and specific problems of each
  • Timeline – showing traumas at different ages since conception to current age, and also future projection.
  • Emotional Iridology
  • Photos are taken of student eye and analysed on screen in class
  • Case studies in the form of high resolution iris photos in class
  • Student Practical
  • Assignment: Students prepare case studies, and present to class at next course
  • Pass rate for practical exam is 90% * Maximum 10 (ten) students per course
  • Students are well equipped to start practicing Iridology after completion of course


This unique course is offered only at Translife, as the concept was personally developed by Lecturer, who has seventeen years practical & training experience in this specialized field of Iris analysis!


11-14 March 2022, 06-09 May 2022


Registration for Online Training Courses will only be available from Jan 2022.

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