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Herbal Training

The most comprehensive Herbal Training Course in South Africa since 1995. Study the various categories of herbs and the application of hundreds of African herbs. Learn about medicinal practices, traditions and applications to formulate herbal medicines.

Hypnotherapy Training

The No.1 Hypnotherapy Training Course in South Africa. Learn the art of Hypnosis and the various clinical applications including Hyonoanalysis and Hypnoaneasthesia.  IMDHA (International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association) certified.

Iridology Training

The most in-depth Iridology Training Course in South Africa. A skill that compliments any alternative healing modality. Learn the art of analysing intricate signal in the eye about the various aspects of the physical body.

Life Coaching Training

A unique approach to life coaching within the alternative healing industry. Holistic Life Coaching methods that are vital in assisting your client to design and create the life they visualize, and steps to achieve the ultimate goal. As our courses are professionally designed to offer patients a total package for health and change, no practice is complete without applying Life Coaching Principles.

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Epasa Registration

Ethno Psycology Association of South Africa

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Health Advisor



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What makes us Different

We are the preferred Training Center

We have been in training for more than 20 years

We have always been the leading Legal Pioneers

We are the subject matter experts

We offer the latest available training

We have the top Professional Qualified Instructors

We take the lead and that makes us different

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Frequently asked questions

Our training requires certain level of understanding that require you to have at least a matric or equivalent qualification to enroll. 

Yes we do, if you completed some of our courses or similar courses that might qualify, please contact us. You will be asked to submit all the relevant documentation for evaluation.

The length of our training are subject to our calendar. Most of our training can be completed within a year.

Yes, our complete courses consist of different modules that form part of different upgrade modules as required for registration with EPASA.

You can complete additional modules for a second or third qualification for registration under more registrars or organisations.

Ethnomedicine Practitioners Association of South Africa

Hypnotherapy & Ethnopsychology Association of South Africa

International Medical &Dental Hypnotherapy Association: USA

THP COUNCILwww.thpcsa.co.za
Traditional Health Practitioners Council of South Africa (Opening soon for registration)

Yes, all our graduates apply for registration with EPASA and HEPASA. We do not offer a qualification, but short upgrade courses for registration with the Ethnomedicine Practitioners Association of South Africa, under the Traditional Health Practitioners Act.

All our products are available from African Traditional Medicines

We proud yourself in the quality of our training 

Student Registration

We offer practical hands-on classroom training courses on various subject at our inhouse training facility in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa. Simply book your course and we will see you in the classroom.

We also offer online learning training courses for those student who cannot join us in person.

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