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Why is our Course different?

hypnotherapy training south africa

Dr. Trudie Bartholomew

Students will learn all about Hypnotherapy. This includes the working of the subconscious mind, self-hypnosis, hypno-anesthesia, painless birth, painless dentistry, past-life regression, life between lifetimes, hypnoanalysis, dream analysis, nlp techniques in hypnosis and more.

Our focus is not only to re-program the mind for change, but to find the cause of the problem through hypnoanalysis.

past life regression

During the early 1950's hypnotherapists saw patients for 70 - 150 sessions to achieve some of the results which we now achieve in just a few sessions.

By learning the art of instant and rapid inductions, we can regress a person to any time in this life or any other life in just a few minutes.

In my opinion, it is impossible to change the effect of traumas, depression, anxiety, bi-polar and other disorders without finding the cause of the problem (called the Initial Sensitizing event). Hypnoanalysis gives us the tools to achieve this and make a permanent difference, providing the practitioner has the required knowledge and experience. This can however not be achieved unless we consider the very important issue of the soul and our spiritual contracts for this life. Karma plays a major roll, and it is very interesting to go back in time and re-visit these contracts which were made while we were still in spirit form.

Many times people have spirit attachments; especially in the case of alchol and drug abuse. Because we now introduce our students to Spirit Release Therapy during practical sessions from Advance Hypnotherapy 1, it is easy to overcome these problems, while getting some insight of what goes on in the spiritual realms.

Because the hypnotherapy course leads to Ethnopsychology, students need to understand the effects of curses, muti and tokoloshes and other issues affected African cultures, and not be afraid of the 'unknown'. This is not a 'psychic' course, but gives us much insight in understanding our karma and who we actually are!



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