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The Christ

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Thought of the week

He is the One who stood
against the muddy sea
and ordered the winds to calm down
And they obeyed.

Still He is doing the same,
against the muddy sea
of human thoughts and emotions.

He is the One who drank
the Cup of sorrow at the Garden of Olives.

Still He is drinking the sorrow
of every man
in His heart.

He is the One who appeared
to His disciples
after the victory of Spirit,
and said -
Peace be with you .....

Still He is radiating peace to all those
who are walking after Him.

He is the Teacher within all those
who speak the word of truth,
the word about the endless Path,
the word about the infinite Life ...

He is still teaching.
He is the synthesis of all Laws,
and those who reveal the laws in any
department of life, are revealing Him.
He is the unveiling One ....

every science,
and branch of any honest search
is the search for Christ.
He is the reality back of everything.

Every true searcher
is revealing a part of Him.
At the end .... His picture will be complete
when people are like Him.

He is the urge to perfection,
in all of us.
And the fiery magnet
drawing us toward Him,
through Him

He is the Plan and the vision for Humanity.
The inner communication ....
the light of saints,
the life of disciples,
the arrow flying to the Sun

.He is the silent watcher
within our souls.
Nothing can be hidden from Him.
He is the witness of every act,
every feeling, of every thought.

But above all, He is the great builder,
the builder of bridges,
bridges in man himself,
bridges between man and man,
between groups, churches and nations ....
between humanity and the kingdom of God ....
between the kingdom of God and the Absolute ...
until He becomes All in All.

He is bridging Himself with all that are apart ....
This is His great labor.
He is the Joy of the Labor of achievement.
He is the wine in the chalice,
the Joy which is tasted by every one
who comes in contact with his true Self ..... Christ

The Science of Meditation - p362
Torkom Saraydarian


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