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The Spiritual Aspect


Dr. Trudie Bartholomew

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The majority of Hypnotherapists worldwide work only with the subconscious mind as far as the physical existence is concerned, mainly because they don’t believe in the unseen world that exists in an around us. However, more and more people are looking for answers on a deeper spiritual level, feeling that there is something missing, not understanding the emptiness and yearning from within their hearts.

Many people who suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Bi-polar disorder or even Schizophrenia, visit a Hypnotherapist as a last resort after many years of trying psychology, counselling, shock-treatments and also other more holistic modalities. Why did all this not work? The answer is that they were treating the symptom or effect, and not the cause of the problem.

The next problem that they may encounter is that they visit a Hypnotherapist who works with suggestive or what we call ‘band-aid’ hypnosis. To induce hypnosis is easy, and a phenomena that we naturally experience everyday, for example when we watch TV, read a story, pray and in many other ways. This would be what we call a ‘light state of hypnosis’ or ‘trance’.

A person who is in the altered state which we call hypnosis, is usually quite suggestible, although suggestibility varies from person to person. It is possible that the person will accept the suggestions of the Hypnotherapist and that he will ‘feel more relaxed’, ‘sleep better’, ‘stop smoking’, ‘eat healthy low-calorie food’ and so on. At first it may seem that the suggestions were effective, as there may be a temporary improvement in the person’s condition, and if the suggestions are compounded for a while, it may last for a period of a month or two. To the client’s disappointment, the symptoms return, because the cause of the problem was not eliminated.

On the other hand we find the type of Hypnotherapist who has knowledge of Hypnoanalysis and can do age regression to the event that caused the problem. He will usually allow the client to re-live the experience until it has no more emotional content, allow the person to forgive all involved, and then proceed to give the person positive suggestions to effect a change in behavior.

There is nothing wrong with this approach, but if the Hypnotherapist is inexperienced he may think that he found the cause of the problem, while it is in fact only what we call a subsequent sensitizing event (SSE). Here again, the effect of the suggestions will only be temporary, and he needs to go further back in time.


On the other hand, we find the Hypnotherapist who does Past-Life Regression, who knows how to get a person back into a past life, but does not know enough about Hypnotherapy to actually ‘fix’ the problem. Often they will use long induction methods, and let the person observe the past-life instead of re-living the events as they were experienced on a physical and emotional level. We have seen how people open up huge traumas in past-lives without dealing with it correctly, awakens the person and then let him leave the consulting room with all the fear and guilt associated with that life.

One of the rules of the mind is that the mind cannot hold two opposing perceptions, and also that the subconscious mind is the goal achiever. If the person experienced trauma as a fetus in the womb, e.g. that the mother did not want a child, considered an abortion or the father had an affair while the mother was pregnant, an ISE (Initial Sensitizing Event) occurred. The ISE is usually not recallable by the conscious mind, but the subconscious mind, being the goal-achiever, will ensure that the goal is achieved, which could in this case be rejection or abuse.

However, this event could have occurred in a past-life. But how is it possible that we can still experience the effect of the trauma when we have a new life with a new physical body?

We are a soul who lives in a physical body, or a vehicle through which we manifest on the physical plane. In addition to the physical body we also have other spiritual bodies, e.g. an Astral Body (emotional), Etheric Body (electro-magnetic), Mental Body (mind), Buddhic Body (intuitional) and other higher spiritual bodies, which we cannot perceive with through our physical minds or imagination.

There are seven planes of existence through which our soul travels over millions of years, in order to gain experience, and through these physical and emotional journeys, eventually be able to leave the cycle of incarnation once we become the perfect man, also called a master. These dimensions are the Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic and the Adi planes, the physical plane being the lowest or densest.

Initially, billions and billions of years ago, when the Solar System was formed, our spirits came into existence, as a ‘spark’ of the Great Being who uses the Solar System as his body to manifest. Because we are a spark of God, we are made in His image; perfect as far as spirituality is concerned, but with no experience of life in the solar system to be able to create. This need to create brings the urge to manifest in the denser planets below the higher spiritual planes. The Spirit (also called the Monad) then sends a small portion of himself down to manifest in a dimension lower and more dense, because all of himself cannot live in the dense world below. That smaller part of the Spirit lives on the Mental plane, and is what we call the Soul (also called the Ego).

In turn, the Soul (Ego), cannot go much lower, and does the same as the Spirit (Monad), sending again a small portion of himself into the dimensions below that: the lower Mental Plane, Astral Plane and Physical plane. This part is called the Personality. These parts are not cut off from each other, but are more like extensions. We could imagine the Spirit (Monad) as a whole body, the Soul (Ego) as the arm, and the Personality as the finger. After a long struggle of coming down and getting used to the vibrations of all these planes in a group-soul, we eventually move up again through the three elemental kingdoms, the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, until be individualize and become a human being.

From here the struggle starts towards perfection, and over and over the Soul sends a part of himself (the personality) down into different lives, playing many different roles to gain experience.

During physical life, our consciousness basically lives in the physical body, but we also have and Astral and Mental body. At night when we sleep, our consciousness leaves the physical body to travel in the Astral body through the Astral Plane. Some people can go a bit higher, if they have a developed ‘vehicle’ to travel in to the higher planes, e.g. the Mental or Buddhic (Intuitional) planes, or higher heavens.

After millions of years of coming down into the dense physical world, we forgot who we really are. The purpose of the different lives or incarnations, is to develop the Soul to such an extent that we can become one with our Spirit and leave the cycle of incarnation to evolve and move on beyond the confinement of our Solar System.

We can visualize the part of the Spirit gradually coming down into the denser dimensions as a string of consciousness, who attached to itself a permanent atom of each of the seven dimensions, like a string of pearls. Imagine these permanent atoms each as a separate computer disc, where all the records are kept, and the Soul, who lives on the higher mental plane, as the main computer.

After death, the consciousness leaves the physical body, and lives in the astral body on the Astral Plane for quite some time. At a later stage the consciousness leaves the astral body, and a second death occurs; the death of the astral body. Our consciousness then moves up to the lower Mental plane, which is absolute heaven, where we live in bliss in the heaven-world for a while, re-thinking the last life on earth, but with no knowledge of what happened before that. Here, in devachan, people from the earth or astral plane can not contact us, and we are unaware of the sorrow and struggle of our loved ones down below, as we are surrounded by perfect loving images of them around us. The higher-self (Soul) puts a portion of himself in each of these images, and we thus see only the best of our loved-ones in this place of beauty and bliss.

Once this period is over, our consciousness moves up, back into the ‘main computer’, the Soul (in the Causal Body) on the higher Mental Plane. For a while, we can see the whole picture of all our past-lives and to some extent our future plans, and then plan the next incarnation. Many things, like Karma and purpose play a role in the choice of a next life, and once again the Soul (Ego), sends a portion of his energy down to earth to live another life.

We bring the permanent atoms with us into the new life; although we don’t get exactly the same physical, astral and mental bodies, the atoms will attract similar physical, astal and mental material around it, and we form and shape these bodies according to our experiences in our brand-new life. Consciously we don’t have any memory of what happened to us before this life, and all perceptions are formed from our immediate surroundings. The ‘seeds’ of the things that happened to us before, are written in the permanent atoms, and we could develop the virtues or vices of the past, depending on the opportunities we have in the current life.

Through hypnotherapy, it is however possible to go beyond this veil of protection and re-experience past lives. It is possible because we are an atom in the mind and body of God, and thus part of what He thinks and feels. The whole video of everything that happened from the beginning of time is clear in the mind of this omnipresent Being, and is available for us to see. There is however a problem, because the images are distorted as we observe them in the lower, more dense dimensions. If we could travel to the higher Mental, Buddhic or Atmic planes, we would be able to just ‘zoom’ into some event, and see and experience the event very clearly.

The physical world that we live in is three-dimensional, while the astral plane is four-dimensional, the mental plane five-dimensional and the Buddhic plane six-dimensional. Can you imagine the multitude of dimensions as we move up through the higher heavens and the cosmic planes? For this reason, we will not be able to comprehend or verbalize what we see or experience on a five or six-dimensional plane.

Although, contrary to what some people studying quantum physics believe, we cannot alter the past while looking at these records, also known as the Akashic Records. We can only change our perceptions by re-living the event, forgive all involved and ask God or our Inner Wisdom to show us how the event of the past-life is affecting us in the current life.

The Hypnotherapist who understands the ‘other worlds’, will intuitively know the level of spiritual advancement of his client and will take him through a past-life, through the death experience, correct the perceptions and negative effects of the trauma, and then go back and look at the person’s contract for the specific life. I believe that these contracts are made by our higher-self (soul), where the parents, husband, children or other parties were present as well as some higher spiritual being. Some are verbal contracts, while others are perceived to be written contracts, depending on the way that the person’s consciousness can translate the information.

Once a person can understand the contract for that life, the traumas, pain and disappointments are not so important anymore, as he knows that it was his own choice. We are now looking at the whole picture from the viewpoint of the higher self, while bringing the information down to our level of existence (the personality), to a level of consciousness that we can comprehend and verbalize.

Hypnotherapy on this level does not only deal with the person sitting opposite you as a physical being, but involves many other beings living in other dimensions. We now touch the world of Ethnopsychology.

The space between two atoms is larger than the atoms themselves. Our Astral body has much the same shape as our physical body, but is slightly larger and extrudes outside the physical body, while the mental body is also larger extruding beyond the outside of the astral body. It is all happening in the same space, as there is enough space between the atoms for something else, a lighter type of atom to move in.

All our emotions live in the Astral Body, also called the ‘emotional body’. One tool in Hypnotherapy is the use of a Word Association Test under hypnosis, where the hypnotherapist reads certain words in a specific order to the client. The client gives us the first word, thought or emotion that comes to mind. If it is a negative word, we want to know where the emotion lives in his body, and also the colour of the emotion. By doing this five-page test, we can form a pattern, linking the same responses or colours, giving us a clear indication of where to start looking for the problem. One can easily see if a person was sexually abused, in a past-life war, locked up in a dungeon, eaten by a lion, burnt on the stake and other traumatic events from these responses.

The first part of therapy is to use age regression to go back and re-live the event until it is possible to forgive, and by using visualization, lift the emotion (colour) out of the body and send it up to the light or whatever the person wants to do with the emotion. This sometimes works, but often another astral-being moved into the same space (between the other astral atoms of the person), and seemingly occupy a space in the heart, head, stomach or other part of the person’s body.

In the case of an alcoholic or drug addict, we often find that an earth-bound soul who had an addiction in his last earth-life, moved in, trying to enjoy the effect of the substance through the person’s body. Inside this being is another entity that needs the substance, with another entity inside him, and more, until we get to the dark-force entity inside all of them; almost like peeling an onion.

There are different types of ‘entities’ who can attach to people, e.g. Earth-Bound entities, Dark-Force entities, and Extra-Terrestrial beings. We sometimes find a long ‘family-tree’ of entities, all affecting the person’s life. Sometimes the entity and the client have a contract from a past life, and the hypnotherapist has to regress both the client and the entity to the time when the contract was made. Once they can understand that it does not serve them anymore, they can let it go. It is often necessary for them to perform a ritual, relevant to the time when the agreement was made, to cancel the contract or vow.

When a person dies, the substance of the astral body is re-arranged, with the darkest, densest emotions in the outer layers of the astral body. The astral body will be attracted to the part of the astral plane that corresponds to the vibrations of the outer level of the body, where he will reside until the emotions are worn off to a certain extent.

The attached entity can speak to the Hypnotherapist/Ethnopsychologist using the client’s voice, giving the therapist the opportunity to converse intelligently with the being, giving him a better option than the suffering in the lowest part of the astral plane (seen as hell). It is quite easy to move him, with the help of special angels who do this work, to a higher, lighter level of the astral plane, where he will still stay for a while before moving up to the lower mental plane (in devachan or heaven) to rest and then to the higher mental plane (in his causal body) to prepare for the next incarnation.

Ethnopsychology is an extension of Hypnotherapy, where the Ethnopsychology Practitioner is very comfortable to work with cultural issues. The problems of the African client are quite different from the typical patient which is treated by a Western Psychologist. An Ethnopsychology practitioner understands the ways of the forefathers, where they live in the spirit world, how they interact with their families on earth, and can communicate with them through the voice of the client.

Many people suffer from the effect of witchcraft, muti, curses and tokoloshes. To successfully work in this field requires a thorough knowledge and fearlessness, as well as unconditional love and empathy for these unfortunate beings who are trapped in the dark parts of the astral world.

We have seen many people heal physically and emotionally once the cause of the problem is eliminated, and the entities attached to them set free to the ‘light’. Many people who suffered from schizophrenia have been helped by assisting the ‘voices’ to move on to the light, after convincing both parties to let the contracts and agreements of past-lives go. The entities were forced by the agreement to follow the person life-time after life-time to remind him ‘how useless’, ‘filthy’ or ‘stupid’ he is, because they made the agreement a few hundred years ago: ‘promise me that you will always stay with me and remind me how useless I am’!

The Hypnotherapist who specializes in this field is usually one who had many changes in his life, and is equipped through much effort, struggle, sacrifice and suffering, to understand the many things that can go wrong in people’s lives. In addition to this, he usually has a background of studying the deeper aspect of Metaphysics and Ancient Wisdom, with knowledge of different cultures and religions. He also has no ‘ego/pride’, with no selfishness or judgment, working and helping all units of consciousness that come to him for help, serving humanity genuinely from his humble space. This type of therapist respects the client’s privacy, honors the confidentially and trust placed in him, moves away from lower psychism and clairvoyance, all the time striving for higher psychism, using his intuition.

Except from charging a reasonable fee to sustain himself, there is no selfish benefit, and he thus creates the effect of his labour in the higher heavens, in a substance that is so light and pure, that he can only reap the benefits in his higher bodies. The person who does this work only for money, pride and self-importance, is sowing in the astral (emotional) world, and can thus only reap the benefits in the astral-emotional worlds, thereby creating karma all the way. Karma binds us to earth and to other people. As long as we keep making karma, we will return to earth over and over again to try and balance the bank account.

What we create in the higher heavens, does not cause any karmic effect; in fact it pulls us up towards love, light, truth, beauty and more beauty. 


God never promised that life will be easy;
only that we will always find a way to make it!

Often the people who hurt us the most in life,
are those with whom we made agreements
 before we came to earth.

On a much higher level we agreed to help each other;
give each other opportunities to grow,
to overcome things by experiencing
rejection, betrayal, loneliness and much more

as Jesus said to us one day ..
his life was not easy until the age of thirty ..
and then he discovered who he really was
and stood in awe
he still stands in awe

he said:
And one day you too,
will stand at the feet of your father,
 and you will stand in awe at the greatness of God

Dr. Trudie Bartholomew

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