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Do Animals have Souls and Emotions?

Dr. Trudie Bartholomew


I have heard many religious people say to me that animals don’t have souls. To a certain extent this is correct, because they function in a Group Soul until they individualize into the Human kingdom, but they still have an individual consciousness. They also have a physical and astral body.


According to Ancient Wisdom there are seven planes of Existence:


  1. Divine Plane (Adi)
  2. Monadic (Anupadaka)
  3. Spiritual (Atmic)
  4. Intuitional (Buddhic)
  5. Mental (Manasic Plane)
  6. Emotional (Astral/Kama)
  7. Physical


When the Solar System was formed, these planes of existence were created out of the ‘nothingness’, which is 12,000 times denser than water. The least dense is the Divine plane (Adi), and the most dense is the physical plane, where we live in physical bodies.





Our Monads (Spirits) reside on the Monadic Plane, and is a pure part (spark) of God, which is equal to God as far as spirituality is concerned, but knows nothing about the other dimensions, its inhabitants, vibrations, emotions etc. Why would God want to do this? We can only assume that like we, as human beings wish to have children and create, so does God!




While the Monad (Spirit) is on the Monadic plane, It is busy with its own life of meditation, but it cannot descent down into the more dense dimensions, in the same way that we would not expect God to descend in his full glory to confine himself into one of our dense, imperfect bodies.





Because the Monad cannot come down in full lower than the Monadic Plane, only a very small part of him, a tiny string of consciousness comes down to the Spiritual (Atmic Plane), and attaches to himself a permanent atom of this plane. This does not happen overnight, but with the help of certain Devas (Angels), the permanent atom is attached, like the start of a string of pearls to this tiny part of consciousness, who remains on this plane for a very, very long time.





Once it is accustomed to the vibrations of the Spiritual plane, it starts descending more until it reaches the next plane of existence called the Intuitional (Buddhic) plane. Again, the process is repeated of attaching a permanent atom from the Intuitional Plane to the string of consciousness, and after a long, long time, when it is accustomed to all the vibrations etc on this plane, it starts descending once again, deeper into density to the Mental Plane, which is divided into two parts: The Higher and the Lower Mental Plane.




On the Higher Mental plane, a permanent Mental atom is attached to the string of consciousness, as well as a Mental Unit from the lower Mental Plane. As before, the consciousness spends a long time on these Mental Planes until it is used to all the vibrations around it.





When it is time to move on, the string of consciousness moves still deeper into density, down into the Astral plane, where, with the help of the Devas, a Permanent Astral Atom is attached. After spending once again a very long time in this dimension, the string of consciousness moves even deeper into density, to the Physical plane, where it attaches a Physical Permanent Atom.





This takes a long time, so long that this part that left the Spirit (Monad), completely forgot who he is!



The string of consciousness now, once on the physical plane, still in a group-soul, goes so deep into density, through the various kingdoms:





Human Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Vegetable Kingdom

Mineral Kingdom

3 Elemental Kingdoms.




Please note that this is called Involution, and at a certain point this string of consciousness, once it has experienced the deepest, densest vibrations during the process of involution, must start turning upwards, called evolution. It is now time to start returning back to where it came from: the Spirit (Monad).





Making this u-turn, it now goes up through the three Elemental Kingdoms, the Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Kingdom, still all the time in a Group-Soul.





At a certain point, the Animal in the Groupsoul starts becoming more intelligent, has emotions, and a vibration starts in both his Mental permanent atom, and the Mental Unit. This is helped by the downflow of energy (monadic essence) coming from his Spirit (Monad). Because of the development of the animal in the groupsoul, the vibrations become so strong in the permanent Mental atom and the Mental unit, that it forms a vortex, which actually pulls the animal out of the groupsoul, and he individualizes! He becomes a human being; a very basic human being, and now has a Causal Body, which resides on the Higher Mental Plane.





It is important to remember that we need a vehicle (body) to be able to travel (move) in the different planes of existence. We thus have the following bodies:



Physical Body

Astral  Body

Mental Body
Buddhic Body
Atmic Body





Most people can use, in addition to the physical body, only the Astral Body, while the Mental Body is still in the early stages of development. They can still function in the Astral world, as 90% of people are polarized (focused) in the Emotional (Astral) Body. Only 10% of people can use the Higher Mental Body, while as little as 3% of people can reach the Buddhic (Intuitional) Plane in their meditations. We are thus far from being free from the limitations of the physical body!






The following diagram shows the process of the animal within the groupsoul before individualizing into the human kingdom:




Individualization from animal to human kingdom




Notice in C how the Inflow of Monadic Life is increased from the Spirit (Monad), until it reaches the stage where two vortices are formed (D), around the Mental Permanent Atom, and the Mental Unit.


This energy within the vortices becomes so strong that it reaches a point where the two vortices rush together, pulling the animal out of the animal kingdom, out of the animal groupsoul, and he now becomes a human being, with a brand-new Causal Body for the first time.







Within his Causal Body is where the Soul (Ego) lives, and during this process of individualization and forming the causal body, the Monad (Spirit) is anchored inside the causal body, in the Egoic Lotus. This pure part that is anchored there, is called the Jewel in the Lotus, and is enfolded in something that looks like a twelve-petal flower. It has three hidden petals, and another nine petals on the outside: three knowledge petals, three love petals and three sacrifice petals, all with different colours which mean different things.





Eighteen million years ago, a host of angels came from another scheme of evolution, called the Venus scheme. At the time, humanity, still in very gross physical bodies, was not developing in line with the plan for the solar system. These hosts of beings that came to assist with the development of the mind are often referred to as the angels of fire. They started out by introducing a certain energy into the mental area of these animal-like human beings, but the energy was too strong, and many of these people died. When they incarnated again at a later stage, they had much stronger bodies which could hold this energy, and the Solar Angels could sort of locate a part of their energy in the mental area, acting like a mother-hen for this struggling human being.





It is almost as if they provided a womb for the human soul to grow and through great sacrifice, they allowed this ‘baby’ soul to grown within this ‘womb’, until it is ready to be ‘born’ in the higher dimensions.  Again, this takes a long-long time, and many incarnations of suffering within the confinement of the dense physical body.





During these millions of years of struggle, there comes a time when the personality has learned all his lessons, and purified himself to such an extent that all the petals of the Egoic lotus have opened, and the jewel of the lotus if free. At this point the Causal Body disintegrates, and he is on his own to start functioning without the help of the Solar Angel on the Buddhic plane, building this exquisite body (vehicle) to move around on the Intuitional (Buddhic) plane. I can presume that this is an extremely difficult time for the human soul, as he all of a sudden finds himself out there ‘ alone in the world’, very much like a baby when leaving the mother’s womb to be born in a physical body.





Once the Causal body has disintegrated and the soul can function on the higher planes, there will come a time when he does not have to incarnate anymore, and will be free to leave; there are several options available to his further path of evolution.





We can thus see that it is not possible to go back and live in an animal body after having been through the whole process of becoming a human being out of the groupsoul set-up in the animal kingdom.









I once worked with a very experienced and professional Ethnopsychology Practitioner. After taking her into hypnosis, she told me that there was something on her back, and that it had ‘hooks’ hooked into her back.





When I asked this being why he is on her back, he said, using the practitioners voice: “I can’t believe you ate me!”  He told me that he was a cow who was very happy on the farmers land, until one day, when they were loaded onto a truck to the abattoir. He did not understand what was happening, but later found himself in a smelly place, forced and pushed around, until they put a ‘pin’ in his head, killing him.





He was so shocked that he followed the biggest piece of meat, to the practitioners father's garage, where they made biltong from the meat. Not knowing where to go, he remained in the garage until the practitioner, then five years old, stole a piece of biltong, and he attached to her back, only to be discovered 25 years later!





This animal soul told us that the bad smell in the abattoir is due to the shocked animals’ astral bodies floating around. These animals suddenly die in a very fearful state.





I have worked with many people who had similar animal attachments, affecting their lives in various ways, and assisted these animal souls to leave to go to the ‘light’, a place in the astral plane where someone will take care of them, just as would be the case with a human soul.





In most cases the animals have emotions like fear, anger, hate and sadness and even pride and vanity. They love in a different way to humans, but the loss of a child or partner is very sad, and so is their disappointment in the way human beings mistreat and abuse them. On the other hand, their love and appreciation for the caring human beings who affected their lives, is touching.





Animals understand that there is a food chain, and some tell us that they don’t mind, as long as we thank them for sacrificing themselves for food and bless the food. I understand now why our parents and grandparents prayed in a certain way before eating, thanking God for the food, and blessing it.



There are some video clips on the www.translife.co.za website about animal cruelty, where they show us how cruel people are to animals to get their fur, and how pigs for example are abused and in some cases thrown alive into boiling water to get rid of the hair. Many of these foxes are skinned alive.





Link: http://www.translife.co.za/Newsletter%20Archive/Video%20Clips%20on%20Animal%





Animals have astral bodies, and just like human beings, they also dream. If you watch to dog sleeping, you will notice how excited they can get, make little noises or even bark in their sleep. This means they are dreaming, or out there travelling in the astral body.





The door for animals to come over to the human kingdom in masses, was closed 700 000 years ago, and it is now only possible for some animals to come through to the human kingdom. Domesticated animals have a huge advantage and could individualize through love and mental stimulation, but on the other hand, animals can also individualize through cruelty. Needless to say, when these tortured animals come to live in a physical body, we get human beings of a very low character, full of hate and anger!






When understanding these facts, we can see why many people opt to become vegetarians. When looking at energy, we wonder why people want to eat the meat of a being that died such a horrible death, and even if it was not killed in such a horrible manner, there was still a lot of fear? Why do we want to put somebody else’s uric acid into our own bodies?

Why do we want to bring the mortuary into our kitchen if we have so many different fruit, vegetables, nuts etc etc. available to eat with no trouble?




Dr. Trudie Bartholomew


Book Extract

Sacred Woman
Queen Afua



  My kitchen is free from negativity.It’s serious business, my KitchenHealing Laboratory.I sit at the crossroad, cast-iron pot in Right hand and Bush Tea in my left,I check all bags and boxes forContents of death. I awaken the sleeping,rejuvenate the living, energize andpurify with soups and tonics, livefood, and juicesNo death in here, no chickens, noPigs, no cows or lambs. No fish, noGoats, no milk, no ham. It’s plain to see that what we eat canMake us free.Beware, for some of what bindsand holds us still comes in manyforms and fashions.It’s resting right there on your plate.Dead foods control our mood swings. Family fights, husbands, wives,children too, we eat our war soviolence rings.We hold the weapons of death rightin our hands – through forks andspoons, through pots and pans.Beware of Mr Flesh Burger,dripping pizza, greasy french friestoo, diet soda,it’s all sugar blues, stuff we simplycannot use. Demons wrapped so beautifully,stopping us from who we really be.It’s on your plate and in our pots.Beware the habit, beware the drooge, the perfect program to makeyou lose. Putrefaction causing rot.Demons, demons,Get out of my healing laboratory, getout of my pot.I’ll wash you out and set you freeFor purification is the key. It’s sunrise sausages, coffee andcream, it’s bedtime cookies andcow’s ice cream.Beware the damage, the perfectprogram to make you lose.Check your kitchen cabinets, thosebags and boxes too. If it’s not live,it’s not coming through.Fruits, vegetables, nuts, wholegrains, you’reall welcome to remain.Regain your mind, your nerves, yourflesh, your bones, your breast, yourknees, your chest. Regain your husband and yourchildren, release the strife,As you chase the demons from yourlifeRestore your Kitchen Healinglaboratory with power, pride, and dignityYou hold the power within your handto raise the dead and free the landFlesh free, drug and alcohol free,processed food and sugar freeis how the kitchen becomes a Healing Laboratory from
Sacred Woman by Queen Afua 




 “My Kitchen is Free from Negativity” Food Lists 

Anti-Life Demon Food

Pro-Life Natural Food

Nutrient Jar




MeatsDevitalized grainsWhite-Flour productsSoda popFried foodsEggsAll dairy foods includingMilk, cheese, and ice creamOld grease

Table salt and sugar

Fresh vegetables and fruitsWheatgrass (fresh juice)SproutsBeans, peas, seeds, nuts.whole grainsOrganic apple cider vinegarLemons, limes

Soy-based ice cream

Green nutrientsB-complex vitaminsVitamin CLecithinVitamin EInner Ease ColonFormulaWheatgrass (powdered)

Bowl of fresh garlic cloves 

Flesh Foods

Emotional and

Social Diseases


Physical Diseases





Port, beefChicken

Goat, fish

Causes resentmentDulls the sensesCreates angerBrings on violenceCauses inappropriate

sexual aggression and envy

Eat vegetable proteinsCleanse with redClover and chaparral herbal tea

Take enemas and herbal laxatives

CancerLow energy/fatigueTumorsHi blood pressureSwellingProstate conditions

Impotence, infertility

  • ¨       Eating flesh foods indicates attempts to fill emotional voids
  • ¨       Sisters, if there is a male in your family who is inappropriately sexually aggressive, get him off flesh foods immediately! The ham, barbecue, bacon hamburger, lamb, veal – all of it: Throw it out the window!

White-Flour Products

Emotional and
Social Diseases


Physical Diseases





White bread,White flour,


Emptiness in your lifeLack of fulfilment



Brown rice

Poor circulationConstipationHemorrhoids


Eat whole grains in moderation. For easiest assimilation and digestion, eat grains only during daylight. Be sure to eat raw or steamed vegetables with your starches.

Dairy Products

Emotional and

Social Diseases


Physical Diseases





Milk, cheese, ice cream, and similar milk-bases products

LonelinessFeeling unlovedUnfulfilling relationships

(sticky relations with either parent, especially your mother)

Soy milkNut milk, seed milkGreen vegetables, juices

Live vegetables: wheatgrass, spirulina, alfalfa, dandelion

Tumors, glaucoma, colds, fevers, hay fever, asthma, mucus.

Dairy products come from animal milk. This means that they are as destructive to our Body Temple as mat itself. In addition, dairy foods create mucus all through our bodies and create any number of diseases, from asthma to tumors. 





Bring angelic forces into your life and the lives of those in your family with fruits such as berries of all kinds, mangoes, peaches, cherries, papaya, red grapes, pineapple, apricots and plums, melons of all kinds, grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and limes (but no bananas). Eat fresh, organic fruits in their proper seasons Eat fruits in solid form or freshly juiced. Canned or frozen fruit is forbidden to those who want a life of ever-flowing blessings.


Eating fresh fruits can:

Enhance love relationshipsBring forth bliss, peace, and graceEnhance compassionCreate serenityPurify thoughtsPurify your mental stateSweeten disposition

Create a loving notion

Relieve the body of breathing difficulties such as asthma, colds, and sinus congestionCleanse skin, blood, cells, and tissuesPurify lovemakingEliminate vaginal discharge and growthsBring forth a pure generation of babiesClear out prostate blockage in men



Oppressive Foods

Oppressed States

Liberating Foods

Liberated States







Vegetable protein

Able to make positive changes


Depression, anger, frustration, mood swings




Loneliness, stagnation, resentment

Green juice, nutseed, milk

Calm consciousness

Processed and fast foods

Deficient, toxic state

Whole foods

Ability to digest life

Devitalized foods and juices

Low energy

Fresh raw vegetables and fresh juiced fruits

High energy, alertness

Greasy, canned and frozen foods

Clogged consciousness, death

Raw olive oil

Flexibility, energy


Poisoned, hyperactive

Blackstrap molasses


Cooked foods

Confusion, tiredness, sluggishness

Live foods





Enhances positive thinking


Enhances forgiveness


Enhances creativity

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts

Enhances physical and mental strength and endurance


Brings forth a strong generation

Blue-green algae or manna

Brings forth understanding, connects you to the Creator


Enhances your spiritual life

Watercress, string beans

Draws prosperity


Gives you majestic presence


Rejuvenates bones, removes aches and pains

Fresh peppermint

Restores the blood, clears up eczema, boils, pimples and acne

  • ¨      Drink green juices twice a day and eat green foods two or three times a day¨      Wear green for additional power and productivity¨      No canned, frozen, or microwaved foods permitted. They are dead, devitalized foods. 

by Wahida Abdul Malik

 Out of our vast garden of earth comes a bountiful hosts of herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. They are all needed to cleanse, repair, build, and bring peace and tranquillity to our bodies, minds, and spirits. These are divine foods, gifts from our Creator to nourish and heal us. Everything we could possibly require is contained within them. They fulfil multiple needs as sustenance and vital medicine to cure our ills in our developmental journey. The Creator has blessed us with these magnificent, miraculously fashioned bodies, and it is our divine right and duty to maintain these vessels of life with the utmost care and love. There is tremendous joy derived from eating right because when we eat natural and wholesome foods we do our body, mind, and spirit justice, and we reap the benefits by functioning at our optimal level of productivity. This cause-and-effect principle clearly affirms the well-known adage “We are what we eat.”


The Creator, by making His bounty available to us, is telling us that this is how He wants us to eat. All that we have to do is take heed of His clear signs and accept what is good and reject what is not.Man-made food is processed and contains unnatural chemicals that clog, slow down, and ultimately destroy our physical bodies all in the name of convenience. If the Creator could tell us what is best for us, I believe He would say, “I have set before you all that is good and natural. Partake of it.” There is a science to eating correctly, and the key to understanding this science is to realize that the best foods are the ones that our bodies can make maximum use of in their entirety, discarding little or nothing. When we walk into our kitchens we should visualize them as Healing Laboratories and ourselves as healing scientists for our families. Always enter this sacred domain in a highly conscious and prayerful state of mind. Be ready to unfold new miracles and discoveries that will help further the development of not only our families but our nation. Our systems must be fortified to the utmost to combat the relentless attacks waged against us in our polluted environment. We all have the divine choice of becoming “Earth Cookers,” of making a conscious decision between healing our nation or contributing further to its destruction. 



Earth Cookers always ask the Creator for guidance before entering their Healing Laboratories to create healing foods and formulas. When we do this, we find ourselves truly amazed at what materializes because of our total faith and trust in God. Becoming an Earth Cooker is an essential step when one decides to travel the Heal Thyself path of liberation through purification.





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