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Nutrition course

Unit 115:     
Nutrition and Lifestyle
Five consecutive days - contact


The course deals with natural nutrition and its vital importance in creating good health; the importance of wholesome foods, recommended daily food program, special health-building foods, whole foods, brain & nerve foods and a nutritional program that will support all body structures, restore nutrient-depleted tissues, repair damaged tissues and rejuvenate the energy production capability of the cells of the body.

  • Unit 115:      Nutrition and Lifestyle
    Duration:     Four consecutive days - classroom

  • Section 1: Basic Nutrition

    • Introduction to nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle
    • Basic nutrition and balance
    • Functions of the essential nutrients
    • Protein
    • Carbohydrates (Inc. Glycaemic Index)
    • Fats
    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Water
    • Healthy eating guidelines
    • Building blocks for calculating what you need – Macros, Calories
    • Eating organic whole foods
    • The effects your preservatives and additives on the body
    • Food pyramids and the eating well plate – incl. Vegan, Vegetarian

     Section 2 – Nutrition & health

    • Nutrition and the influence on your lifestyle & vice versa
    • The key to finding the balance and structuring for consistency
    • The digestion system – incl. Bowels, Kidneys, Lungs/Bronchioles, Lymphatic Systems & Skin Nutrition
    • Influence of bad nutrition on your health
    • Leaky gut syndrome
    • Food allergies & intolerances
    • Your body’s PH balance - Acidity & Alkalinity
    • Diabetes, Cancers, Auto-immune disease, Cholesterol, Metabolic Syndrome
    • Candida
    • Physical readiness questionnaire (Part-Q Form)

    Section 3  – Understanding your body

    • Body Composition: Metabolic types, Body types and Body shape
    • What is my Metabolic Type?
    • What is my Body Type?
    • What is my Body Shape?
    • Being vegan & vegetarian
    • Detoxification & Food Combining
    • Diet types
    • The China Study – eliminating animal products
    • The Banting revolution - Low carb, high fat
    • Hormone reset diet - The effects on your hormones
    • Blood types diet
    • The elimination diet – finding the problem
    • The starvation diet – How your body reacts when you are not eating enough
    • Effects of dairy, gluten & sugar on your health
    • Eating to clean – cutting whole food groups
    • Carb cycling – When and how to eat carbs
    • Intermittent fasting

    Section 4 – Lifestyle & wellness

    •  Principals of wellness
    • Wellness assessment form
    • Where to start when making changes
    • How to set up an action plan
    • Do we need to exercise?
    • What would be the minimum requirements to stay healthy?
    • How to get your mind right
    • Meditation, mindfulness and sleep
    • Effects of stress on the body

    Section 5 – Summary

    • How to decide what is best for you
    • How to follow the guidelines and stay on track
    • Ways to track progress
    • It all comes down to Hering’s Law of Cure


      • Student practical
      • Test
      • Home assignment



Training & Registration in accordance with the
Traditional Health Practitioners Act, 2007 (Act 22, 2007)

short upgrade courses for registration with
Ethnomedicine Practitioners Association of South Africa




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